Itamaraca: A Home Run to Paradise

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Itamaraca: A Home Run to Paradise

The island of Itamaraca used to be popular only in Brazil as an island and a city, but its wide range of delicious seafood, peace and tranquility, shockingly low property prices, the relocation of its prisons, and lovely beaches have effortlessly resounded its name to different corners of the world. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best places to live. With a population of barely 20,000, Brazilian buyers are returning and foreign investors are eager to get a piece of the action, while the state government is attracting unprecedented investment into the area all around the island. Prices are on the rise, but it is still cheaper to buy here than anywhere else.

One unique trait of the Itamaraca Island is that it attracts tourists in droves during summer, weekend and holiday season which easily doubles the population. Major tourist attractions on Itamaraca island include the Forte Orange built by the Dutch many centuries ago, Vila Velha, which is a quaint little village on top of the coconut fringed hills along the banks of the Santa Cruz Canal, and ‘Coroa do Aviao’, which can be reached within 5 minutes by boat from the Forte Orange.

The island of Itamaraca gives everyone a one-of-a-kind experience in a small city by giving access to a hospital, police and ambulance stations, open spaces, the sea, and the breezes in one place. So, aside from swimming and shopping, visitors can also do exhilarating activities like kayaking, snorkeling, jet skiing, and kite surfing.

In many ways, property developers in Itamaraca are blazing the trail in making sure their projects are not just safe for the environment in which they exist, but that they minimize the impact they have upon the natural resources of their surroundings. If you quickly discern the qualities of the island, you might want to consider a beach residence. Several investors are now investing in Itamaraca to take advantage of this trend.

Most of the island comprises protected forests, but on the ocean side are miles of long white sandy beaches, you can go on boat trips which is an opportunity to ride along the mangroves, an old furnace of chalk and the atelier of a craft producer, to the islet of Coroa do Avião.

The waters of Itamaraca are quiet and safe, being protected by a reef 2 miles offshore. Oysters are in abundance and widely offered. A small islet facing the fort is the flagship of the area. The Portuguese fort generally called Orange with a characteristic Portuguese military architecture, has a vast array of observation points over the beach and Coroa do Avião, constituting a major tourist attraction.

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